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* one sheet


RATE CARD  rev190711

Radio  On Air

:30 sec spot $10/each

:60 sec spot $15/each

5:00 min Infomercial  1-2 random rotations per month $120/ year 

Song analyzed and certified $50

Song promoted thru channels $4000/month


Radio Website

Home Page Sponsor Gallery <link> $10/month

Sponsor page gallery <link> $10/month

Home page feature rotation <link> $10/day


Radio facebook page  @famousHitsLive

Scheduled Post w/ photo, link, copy. Likes $10/each 

Share your Posts $1 each

Boost Post cost plus 10%

Cover photo w/ description <link> $10 day


Creative Community Cooperative opportunities

Banner gif placement <link> $100/month

Home page feature rotation <link> $10/day

Home page sponsor gallery <link> $10/month

Sponsor page gallery <link> $10/month

Directory Listing Free

Directory Listing enhanced $50/month


Public relations

Story making $500

National press release $600

Local Press release $300

Blog announcement $100

SEO page management $100/month

* AGREEMENTS (contracts)

A sample contract for music licensing. Most agreements are negotiated.


We invoice through PayPal and accept all credit cards.

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