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Creative Copperopolis

A Mutual Benefit Non Profit Community Organization

  Community Night Market Saturday July 8, 2023
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READ on stage on TV!

Attention- KIDS TV SHOW for talented neighborhood kids…

We are staging a kids reading of the Constitution at the Community Night Market at the Creative Copperopolis Compound 103 Main Street downtown Copper Saturday evening July 8th. Sign -up sheet starts at 5:30pm and it’s Free! There will be a stage, colored stage lights, sound system and stage manager to help your production. This is a fun way for our neighborhood kids to show off to their parents and the folks shopping at our fair. Reading is fun!

For more information or to volunteer to help, contact-


Our community Flea Market is now at the Creative Copperopolis compound and community garden. This takes place on a special private field on the corner of Main Street and Hiway 4. All garage sale items are welcome for a down and dirty flea market for our locals. There will be no restrictions as our Brand includes everyone regardless of make up. This is a friendly community networking event designed to bring us all together. There will be live entertainment and a kids reading of the Constitution. Lots of food, beverages and fun games will make this a garage sale party that kicks off the season with more to follow. Spaces are limited and filling fast.

Sellers load in at 5pm. Parents! Kids TV show sign ups at 5:30. Events starts at 6pm.

FREE to Shoppers. For more information or to volunteer to help,

Contact  (209)881-7676 103 Main St x Hwy 4

Saturday July 8, 2023 6pm - Community Night Market

IndepenDance Night Music Market Plus KIDS on TV, reading the Constitution

Vendors save your spot now! Limited space is filling fast. 1st come, 1st served.

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