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CAMS White Paper - Why Do We Do This?

White Paper - What is the CAMS? - Why do I do this?

The Calaveras Arts and Music Show - CAMS - was the brainchild of artist manager Richard Varrasso. Out of the Bay Area music scene, he became an accomplished music executive, musician, and promoter. He is eager to lend his knowledge to make this event everlasting. His many years of industry experience has led him through the complex channels of award shows and celebration ceremonies. He helped the Bammies in San Francisco for over two decades. He worked with Dick Clark, who produces the AMAs and American Bandstand. With the perspective of fiscal design and quarterly expectations, the annual awards show is the anticipated climax of the year’s work. A place to network, perceive, and advance one’s expectations for the coming year. A focus point to nurture everyone’s interest towards the Arts. Typically, the community gets to enjoy the ceremony and party alongside the performers and presenters in a manner that is warmer than that of a concert format. The show is captured for broadcast to include a wider audience, and it spreads the communication of equity within the Arts Community. There are no boundaries within the Arts and the community it serves. The California Arts Council/CAC has a mission to find activity directly related to the arch that supports culture and social justice within our State, specifically for the lower HPI/ Healthy Places Index areas. Their grant funding can strengthen and preserve our traditions in art culture while reinforcing the curation of new vital creations. To gain this funding, an artist must be aware, ready to apply and function academically within their specific art form. We help folks get grants.

Creative Copperopolis was created as a nonprofit organization to bring along the intense knowledge-base of its founders along with the equipment and tools to serve the Motherlode community of Artists and bands. We support in-service logistics around live events, radio broadcasts, record label production, and Artist promotion and management. Direct engagement.

Entertainment is our passion. Enriching the youth interested in their art is one of our goals.

The CAMS gives out 49 Recognition Awards each year in January for the previous year’s work and accomplishments. Folks from all Art persuasions, nominated by community and entertainment industry leaders in Calaveras County and its nearby neighbors attend.

These coveted awards have led to major recording contracts, great live appearance bookings, and high-level press coverage. These awards are earned, not granted by competition or poll.

There is a Red Carpet walkway leading to the seated theater for a spectacular photo opportunity in front of the full length banner of sponsor logos. A professional photographer is capturing.

Every year a “Kids Looking For Unwanted Instruments’ program is included for donations of an unwanted instrument in your attic are presented directly to children via the Murphy School of Music. We’re always looking around for donations of unwanted instruments for our kids.

There are live performances of music, theater, and dance on the big stage under lights. Preshow hospitality for press and a surprise pre-show party featuring the most famous artists will take place at nearby establishments. It will be a night to remember in Calaveras County and airs on CCTV at a later date as the Annual CAMS Community TV presentation. Remember, the Wizard of Oz

gave out a diploma, a metal and the testimonial was “A heart is not judged by how much you love but by how much you are loved by others”. We all need recognition and gratitude.

Nominations, ideas, or volunteers are always welcomed as communication and service is key.

Go to or email ##### rev230930

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