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Chasing Anthems

Chasing Anthems from Copperopolis CA

Hey it’s Rich Varrasso broadcasting on from the Square at Copper Valley in Copperopolis California. 

It’s a beautiful Saturday sunset surrounding the outdoor gazebo with the Town Square lawn full of our favorite local folks and kids running around.  This is a special concert tonight celebrating a major recording deal just signed by the band. They’re on their way to being rockstars in Nashville. 

A true Calaveras County export.! 

Now.  - Listen. 

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Please sign the board being passed around to find out about our new record and upcoming concerts. We're gonna bring YOU all with us. Are you with us, people?

Let’s give a warm - no - HOT Copperopolis Welcome - to Chasing Anthems


Get in touch and we will keep you informed about our records, live tours, and our lives in general!

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