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Large 13’ Bell Shaped White Duck Regatta Army Canvas Yurt tent 

in a private area shaded by trees behind a residence on large parcel at the corner of Hiway 4 and Main Street (O’Brynes Ferry Road) in Copperopolis, CA. by the CalTel Billboard.


13’ Yurt tent , 4 season, 6 man, 3 windows, 4 vents, mosquito netted

insulated and waterproof ground tarps plus sewn in flooring

Private, secure spot behind the pool, under 2 shade trees

Parking for 1 vehicle, accessible for backing in -20’ from tent

Solar outside area and night lights

3 battery powered inside lights

Internet connection, (WIFI included)

Garbage can and garbage bags (please take your garbage with you)

Cigarette Butt receptacle (Butts are despised)

Bathroom accessible*


Optional upgrade package- $10

Electric plug, includes 4 plug switchable bay, Fan, Nite lite

Water hose bib

Pool side privileges' (seasonal)

Secure, gated second car or boat parking


BBQ, outdoor kitchen access, Meal services

Tour Guide, Visitor’s Information



Membership, Calendared reservation, Credit card and ID on file.

Deposit $100, registration card

Read Brochure and Rules 


Market price $75 to $130 per night

to book, email with dates, times and amenities requested

I will get back to you with your confirmation.

please type "YURT REQUEST" in the subject line


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Sponsor panels

This sponsor is most likely an adventure company.

This sponsor helps us accommodate visitors from out of town.

Visitors can stay here while on their adventures.



Large 13' YURT Tent for overnights 

From the street, you drive down a long driveway to the back green gate and to the left you may back up your car to the camp spot. You see that you’re poolside next to the above ground pool and tucked away behind a tarp strung between two shade trees that the Yurt tent is placed under. There is easy access to the back of your car for easy loading and unloading. There is a substantial area in front of the tent which can be use for whatever outside activities you have. There is an optional electric outlet and water bib. The pool is swimmable 24/7 if it is within the season and clean. Swim at your own risk. There is space for boat parking and second car behind the gate.

yurt afar.jpg


The outside of the tent is made of high-quality army cotton canvas and his bell shaped that is properly secured and windproof. The tent sits on corrugated insulation and additional tarp along with its waterproof polyurethane floor. The tent has three windows that zip open and closed with mosquito nets on them along with a large door opening with mosquito nets that you’re able to tie it back. There is a pole in the center of the tent with a loop on top for you to hang things. There is a lantern battery powered hanging from the pole. There is a pole keeping the door opening taunt and high in the middle. There are two outside solar powered nighttime lights and one motion censored bright outside lights outside.

yurt outside.jpg


The inside has an attached polyurethane floor but also has a canvas painters tarp that acts as further insulation in the area for one to sleep. There is a foldable single person cot included. The electricity option includes a 4 plug strip, a nightlight and a fan. There are two other battery powered lights in the tent for nighttime lighting.

Yurt inside.jpg

Clamping on the Creative Copperopolis Compound
in Downtown Copperopolis, California

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