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4X49 Community BAND

The 4X49 Community Jam Band is a cooperation among all the bands and musicians within our Motherlode area to get together and play music, share new songs and network for gigs.

The goal is to do one big video together!

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The Story

I've been involved in Jam Nights since we were in High School. Every Tuesday night at the Niles Station in Fremont Art and Ronda Najera would host a open mic jam night and the place was packed. May new stars came out of this minor league forum and it served as an incubator for our baby bands.

Comradery between musicians is paramount and a community band fulfills that need. Hosted by a popular venue in downtown Copperopolis, this jam proves to be the spot to go!


My dream is to put 149 musicians together and create a video shoot similar to the following clip.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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